Q: Why choose to buy with us?
Answer: working with us can reflect your business's long-term interest because:
1) our quality. China solar energy applications to do business very much, very much quality there is not qualified, enterprise development capability is not strong, there is even the controller PCB and controller enclosures are purchased in the market, imagine, such enterprises can control quality? We enterprise in consider cost of while, more consider has quality, as controller PCB in development Shi more have consider has charging efficiency, and stability, and using life and the customer using friendly sex and so on, in charging battery and Sun battery tablets Shang, we used quality reliable to brand products, put an end to small enterprise of products, prevent occurred not stable situation, especially charging battery, used small enterprise of battery price does has advantage, but capacity, and using life, and stability are and brand of along is far And also more waterproof shell, beautiful, buying points, to provide customers with greater value.
2) more reasonable prices. Our business philosophy is that customers and achieve win-win! We earn we should make, not talk customers a penny
3) stronger development capabilities. After a long period of development, we have experienced product development team, part of the engineers also have high background. Whether it be PCB hardware, software, products, molded case, lighting design and implementation, I am sure can make you satisfied.
4) good of sale Qian after-sales service: we think cooperation not day II days of things, and long-term of total benefits relationship, so good of service is we attention of, so we will for you provides more worry of service, as long as delivered orders to we, other quality, and delivery period and so on are handed we company to worry about has, you can to listening to listening to music, drink cup tea ^ _ ^
5) we are a growing company, give us a chance, we will reward you with your profits, your satisfaction.

Q: energy products and the quality of those related?
1) solar cells
The main course is solar power and quality, the same power with solar panels, on the premise of reliable quality, different types of solar cells have different uses, such as single crystal small size, this product costs will have an advantage, effective area easily cut polycrystalline, amorphous area suitable for Sun is bad, but large volume, high cost.
2) controllers:
Controller of performance not only effect charging efficiency, and effect discharge efficiency, a design good of controller, in function meet requirements of premise Xia, should consider will more photoelectric conversion of power, filling into battery, discharge Shi, reduced PCB and line on power of loss, also to consider battery of protection, and cost to meet market requirements, so controller PCB of design very important, currently we enterprise has in PCB of software, and hardware development Shang has has rare of rich experience, Welcome clients to develop better and more humane products.
3) rechargeable batteries:
Commonly used lithium-ion batteries, nickel hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, according to the project requirements, select the appropriate cell. Many manufacturers currently available batteries, great discrepancies in the quality, cohabitation, high-performance battery system is very large, imagine, unable to save electricity, lights at night! We use the stable product development ability of listed companies, reliably realizing customer requirements to product life. Battery capacity, we generally according to customer requirements, distance 1-3 rainy days, 7 rainy days a we've developed product, generally 2 rainy days was enough.
4) LED lamp:
To let solar lamp has better of performance, almost all enterprise are used LED as light, LED lamp of main parts is chip, currently quality more reliable of is Taiwan out of chip, we used Taiwan of quality chip, compared peer products, in same current of situation Xia, has more big glow volume, addition on quality effect larger also has bracket, is divided into copper alloy bracket and iron bracket, copper bracket more better, but cost high some, volume is unlikely to, up of are is iron bracket of, currently we used of copper bracket and iron bracket are has And according to customer requirements.
5) other accessories:
Shells, wires, and so on, shell, styling and design and tooling technology, most important, good design, coupled with good mould, you can produce good quality goods. In terms of design and production of our company is advantage, you can design better products

Q: I acknowledge the quality of your solar lights, is indeed very good, but expensive?
No, under the same quality, often lower than peers in our products, and even some lower, quoted a famous saying: others can do it, we can do it! But the same prices, our quality is better and more reliable!
Our business philosophy is that customers and achieve win-win! We earn we should make, not talk customers a penny!

Q: How do your terms of payment
We accept t/t, l/c, PAYPAL
Q: do solar lights have a maintenance cost? Installation easy?
Solar lights to automatically turn on the lights at night, turning off lights automatically absorb sunlight during the day charge, zero cost, zero power consumption, no wires, no people to maintain. And it is extremely easy to install, can be simply stuck in the ground or mounted on the wall.
Q: do solar panels at the Sun?
Yes, solar energy in the Sun, so as to ensure higher conversion rate, and could send more, longer amount of time, and the extra capacity can also be left to rainy days.
Q: I bought many of the company's solar lights, after a period of time, it appears time is not long, Sun bad light does not light within a little time, you are like this?
Our design as solar light, production companies, study the products of many of its peers, does such a situation exists, individual prices are high, said very good products, after tests found that quality is worse. Strongly condemn those dishonest companies to discredit this.
General appeared using short-term paragraph time Hou, appeared bright of time is not long of situation of reasons is charging battery quality bad, or solar Board of power too small, or system design has problem, that is quality no, we of lamp are reserved 2 a rainy days, solar Board power enough, system design reasonable, almost daily are can bright finished requirements of time, even in Sun rare of winter also has more good of performance, believes you can test after, believes will to you new of experience